GUYS help I can't figure this guy out!?

I gave one of our delivery guys my phone number. He didn't ask I just wrote it down and gave it to him. He comes back few hours later because he said I forgot to sign for the delivery. He then asks for my number again because he lost mine. He puts it in his wallet and says so I don't have to think of an excuse to come back here. It's been 4 days and haven't heard from him. Was the second trip just to get another look at me? Why would he come back if he wasn't going to call?

It was def awkward the second time he even shook my hand... I thought it was super cute but I think he was freaked out.


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  • Sounds like that was what it was for. Or maybe he lost the number again and to embarrassed to ask for it again.


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  • Give it two weeks tops for busy or shy guys. After that, move along.

  • He may of actually lost it and now doesn't have the confidence to ask you out.


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