What do guys like about girls?

i've never had a "real" realationship. i've always been the girl in school no guy wants.. well at least no guy will to stand up and say it. so i wanna go into 8th grade and make guys stare at me. not really but you know. so what are some things guys like. remember i have uniform so. but guys just shoot out some things you like and girls youd help too just things that have worked for you or things you like. (im bi) but yeah enough with my blahbering.


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  • Ugh. Middle school. Look, at those times, hormones in guys are RAGING. Most of us either conceal it or try to do something with it. Self-consciousness is high. Drama: above the roof. If you want my honest opinion, though, nothing was more disgusting than a middle-school girl awkwardly flaunting her body, no matter how pretty she was. The hottest girls were the ones who didn't care about what other people gossiped about, but loved everyone no matter what they did. They were the ones who were nice to everyone, didn't gossip about anyone (that's a hard one), and looked good doing it. That last one's important for us guys for some reason. Here's some tips for that:

    1) POSTURE. Slouching is unattractive. Sit up straight. Stand with good posture.
    2) MAKEUP. Don't make it obvious that you're wearing makeup. Use just enough to cover blemishes and make you look pretty. I thought girls who looked fake were unattractive.
    3.) HYGENE. Smell good. Have white teeth.
    4) HAIR. Get into the habit of brushing your hair at a certain time every day. That could be while watching TV or talking on the phone.
    5) BE APPROACHABLE. If you're pretty and unapproachable, you will have tons of guys crushing on you but no boyfriends.

    Good luck!


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  • If you try too hard to impress guys you will repel all the good ones and the bad ones will flatter you because they know you are insecure and they can't get a confident girl.

  • You're like 13? You shouldn't really be worried about dumb stuff like attracting people yet.

  • if your asking what a guy wants in a girl, is simplicity, love, sex and a girl who will make moves and approach the guy she wants, and especially a girl who knows what she wants, and is str8, decent, has good morals, non-trashy, non-slutty (doesnt sleep around) type, and a girl who commits-keeps the guy

  • Number one be yourself. Keep hygiene on a supreme level. Other than that you should just always keep a positive attitude and smile a lot.


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