Am I wrong for this need advice?

i broke up with my boyfriend because he never listen to what i want his brother has been getting on my damn nerves. He keeps trying to make my boyfriend's ex girl come over my house to do a song with my boyfriend this is the 2nd time he tried this and i told him to stop. so today i told my boyfriend i dont want his brother in my house i said to him if he brings him here am going break up with him he still brought him here. thats when i told him enough is is enough he acts like am wrong to not wan t his brother in my house am just tired of him and his families crap he doesn't think his brother is trying to break us up my boyfriend's ex is a whore she sleeps with her friends boyfriends behind their back why would i want her around my bf and worse in my house my boyfriend is obviously dumb. as bricks if he think his brother has good intentions for us.


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  • Your not in the wrong at all sounds like a dick


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  • No you your not wrong you have a point ! His brother needs to respect your relationship with his brother & him doing that ! Is no respect at all ! & at that it's an ex girl friend even worse