A second first date with an ex girlfriend?

I need help ladies please I am an idiot but am now reformed.
So I dated the greatest woman in the world but due to my own insecurities took her for granted, and then jumped on a plane to half a world away for almost a year in the worst conditions imaginable.

I know that I am a fool so chill with the insults I have changed not even intentionally but I have had so many new experiences that have forever altered me that I finally realized how much of an ass hat I was.

We have since talked on and off, we always flirted and when we were togeather we screwed around every now and then when I visited but then she broke it off. I thought long and hard about what u want in this world and it is only her, so I set my mind to it and she agreed to a second chance.
I am moving back to her area just to go on a date with her on tuesday.

Now what how do I go about this? I know she needs to control the pace, and we are both mature adults. I figured coffee and a bored game becuase the only promise I ever made to her that I did not keep was to teach her to play go. I figured it could have 2 meanings. I got her a small gift it is just a baseball in a nicely wraped box. When I first ment her I used to call her a curve ball becuase the first time I saw her I knew she was going to change my life and I joked with her about it. How do I apologize to her and get her to feel more attraction to me?

Thanks in advance


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  • Like the other girl said, don't rush into this. Let her go at a rate that's comfortable to her


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  • First dont rush anything. Its already good that she's agreed to give you another chance. Then maybe during the date remind her of the good times you had together, it can make her miss those times and want more of them. But most importantly, tell her how much you mean to her even after all this time but without being pushy

  • Don't rush it and defiantly don't ask for sex until she is ready

  • Show her that you really care by teaching her that game you told her you would teach her. It will remind her of better times and will show to her you still actually remember it.


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