How to move on when you are attached but you know you deserve better?

A guy that I loved more than anything led me on for over a year and made so many plans and promises with me, but at last minute told me he's actually seeing someone. I really loved him and was very attached, and was given so much false hope. He broke 99% of his promises and went back on almost all of his words. I know I deserve better because I was left hurt / disappointed / heartbroken more times than I can count.

I know I deserve better, but I dont know how to move on when I was so attached and really loved him? I dont know how to remind myself that moving on is the best for me when I start missing him. Do you have any advice for me that could possibly help me?

Thank you so much. Really appreciate it x


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  • he made a lot of empty promises. he lied to you about his relationship situation. he led you on and basically led you to believe he was something that he wasn't

    what is there to love about a character like this?
    that is how you get over someone. not only is it realizing that you deserve something better. it's also about realizing that what you thought you knew about someone wasn't true and realizing that the person he is, isn't someone you should be attracted to


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  • IM SO VERY SORRY THIS HAPPEND TO YOU... He fucking hates you and wants you dead... now do you still adore him after that? he's a peice of shit and not only did he hurt you... but he caused you to be timid with meeting the ONE that would be there forever... I just lost out on a potential relationship last week... it was a horribly slow and painful process to finally have enough... but i still have this false hope that maybe it will still work... she hurt me... BUT here's THE PROBLEM her ex was an abusive controlling cheating piece of shit... and now guys like myself have to crawl on our kness to proove that were sincere... and it all stems from some fucking asshole that had his chance and didn't appreciate it... SHE FUCKIN HATES MY ASS because i was too persistant and attatched... Trust me... this guy can give 2 shits & a fuck about you...

  • Assuming you are 18-24. Right now you are in the prime of your life. You will never be hotter than you are today. You will never have more sexual value to men than you do right now. So you can either choose to keep hanging on to this guy, and eventually you'll get older and it gets harder for you - or you can seize the opportunity you have right now to control your dating future.

  • Moving on is rather easy. don't text him, call him, visit, him, or any of that keep him out of your life!


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