How to get over this feeling?

How do I get over the feeling that I'm bothering this guy I like? Sometimes when he's out with people I'll say "oh we can just talk later" and he says stop saying that just because he's out. Other times he's at work but he'll still reply to messages when he gets a chance but I can't help but feel like I'm bothering him. I also don't want to come off as we have to talk all throughout the day? When I told him I feel like I'm always bothering him he said "you're good."


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  • As a guy, I find that a girl's attention is really nice and makes you feel admired and liked, however if it's too much and you're not letting him start a convo or anything then he'll just think of you as a clingy girl and you definitely don't want that. Don't mention again about the 'am I bothering you' thing because if you overdo it, he'l back off and think that's what you're doing. Just play it cool, if he's at work and he's messaging you there must be something there, otherwise he'd make an excuse and message you rarely at other times.

    Hope this helps :)

    • It did help, thank you!


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  • Take the few signs he's given you 1.) you're good 2.) keep texting him
    ----the best part is, guys dont give "signs", we dont know how (which is also why we tend to miss them lol). So when he says you're good, its not a sign or anything, ita him strait up saying, "youre good"

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  • it's normal from you to always wanna talk to him.. be yourself