+ or - ? Same hobbys same background or different personalities?

people say: oh u should do like same things but after all u gonna get borred and its the same as datingburself. Ghen other says: differences thats what gonna hold u together. Other but: at start is fun new things but later u gonna realise that nothings in common. So how it is?


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  • It's either/or.

    People need to have similar values, above all else.

    But interests and personalities can be different and still work. You balance each other out, and both have redeeming qualities (my therapist told me)

    So, if one of you is really uptight and likes to plan and be strategic about everything and the other likes to fly by the seat of their pants you'll be able to have a healthy balance.

    I hope that made sense.


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  • We don't have a thing in common. The relationship works great. It's not like I am looking for a tennis partner.


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  • My ex was my polar opposite - worst mistake in the last 15 years of my life lmao. You clash, you fight, you make up, you break up. Then make up and break up again and again. I choose the first option.

  • No, differences lead you to silly nonsensical quarrels. The more similar you are, the easier it is.

    • And similarities give you more stuff to do together, which is also nice.