Crush on a guy in my class, next step?

I have a crush on a guy in my class. We sit next to each other and talk, but I have a feeling he is never going to ask me out. What next step should I do to make sure we don't just stay friends?


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    Ok. The first thing is to know of 'feel' if he kind of likes you back. If not, then is going to be tricky. He has to like you first (romantically/sexually speaking) to ask you out right?

    So, he might be an amateur/shy/only care about class etc. But if you can sense he likes you yet he has made a move, he will MOST LIKELY not do it WITHOUT your help. For this reason, you will have to make a move yourself.

    I do not know what your situation is atm (highschool/college/etc). But if you want to escalate your relationship to a non-friend status you have to get physical. In order to do that you will have to see him outside class.

    So you can do this by ask him to 1) Help you study after class (you can go to the library, to your house/dorm/coffee) Keep it CASUAL, yet be sexy! Remember you need to attract him.
    2) Asking him out, but not exclusively. Maybe there is a party that Friday a concert or something you and your friends are going. You can tell him to join you. If you do this though, you need to know that he likes you (at least a bit). You do not want him to go and start flirting with your girls do you?
    3) Use this little trick... Next monday, Tuesday or when you see him ask him what he did on the weekend (Friday, Sat, Sun). If he has a life, he will tell something fun like "Ahh just went to a party" "I went to the movies" "I went kayaking" "I went to the park and stared to a tree" "ANYTHING!". Then SUBTLY say something like this "Waoo that sounds fun, next time let me know and I'll keep you some company" then... complete it with a sentence in regards of what he told you he did. Eg. He tells you he went to the movies. You say "Waooo That sounds fun. Next time let me know and I'll go with you, a) I am really into movies of ADAM SANDLER/VIN DIESEL or b) I love to eat popcorn from my friends (wink). Just be a girl all sexy and cute when you say it. We guys love that...

    I hope that any of the things I said helps you! Good Luck!


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  • Just be Strait up with him, tell him that you like him and want to be friends, then based on what he says/does you will know how he feels about it

  • Message him see how long his replies are

  • Be really straight forward. Guys are simple. We don't know how to play games


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  • just tell him. you kinda like him in a romantic way and ask if he likes you too?