Guys! What would be some reasons as to why you would stop talking to a girl for a few months?

What the question is asking happened to me recently with a former FWB, and today for the first time in months he texted me & said he missed me? Is this just total bullshit to try and hookup? Or could there be a non sketchy reason for his disappearance?


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  • If I were him I would've said why I hadn't talked for months, for me there are some friends I have that I just stop texting because of whatever doesn't mean that I hate them it's just texting them is hard now, but the fact thug he used the "I missed you" line is sorta sketch.. ask him what's up.


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  • I have another gurl dat i need to eat out. Bai!

  • are you both students in college or a University?

    • He would be a sophomore in college, but he works 3 jobs, and I'm a high school senior.

    • Then there is the truth, college is a very seriod commitment, one that honestly trumps any attemps at a relationship. I personaly have lost interests due to conflicting schedules and school. Be patient and remember he really is busy haha

  • Have you asked him why he stopped talking to you?

    • Yes, as I said above, he "missed me".

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    • We were always busy when we'd try to make plans, and eventually no one wanted to text first because conversation went nowhere.

    • Oh ok, well I guess he stopped talking to you much the same way you stopped talking to him. I don't think his disappearance is sketchy at all. He has probably been wondering why you haven't txted him

  • sounds like he just wants to screw around, either that or he's really lonely

  • If I disappear it's for 3 reasons

    1) she's my ex and i don't keep in contact with exes.
    2) she's been ignoring me and acting off, so i ditch her.
    3) she rejected me, so i immediately distance myself from her. i'll say hi and bye and that's it, no talk from me.


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