How do I ask out a girl I have liked for two years when her good friend is my ex girlfriend?

I broke up with my ex about two and a half years ago but we are still good friends. And about six months later I began to like this other girl, I think she is amazing. Things began to progress between us and we arranged a date which never happened due to a family loss at the time. A while after that I noticed that this girl was talking to my ex quite a lot, and soon after that they were very good friends.
Have any girls ever been in a situation where their ex has a crush on their close friend or been liked by a close friend's ex?
Do I ask this girl out? Or tell her how I feel? Or talk to my ex first?
I'm not 100% certain of this but I think she likes me too.
My ex is a great girl and I know if she found out how I/we feel she would tell us to go for it but I think she would maybe be saying that to not appear as a bad friend to either of us. What do I do, I'm miserable thinking about it.


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  • I've been in your exact situation before. My ex boyfriend and i were still good friends, and then suddenly my best friend started liking him, and he started liking her. from a girl perspective, i honestly didn't mind at all! i had no feelings for the ex-boyfriend whatsoever, so there was no point me denying their right to be happy. your ex-girlfriend seems like a really nice girl, and i feel like when she says "go for it" she would actually mean it. It's almost exciting actually, knowing that in a way, you kind of helped a new relationship to blossom. I would ask your ex-girlfriend first whether it is okay though, just in case she actually isn't alright with it for some reason. but you just need to think about it this way, why give up a chance with this girl just because of your ex-girlfriend? thats not the way things are meant to go.
    so talk to your ex first, then once you get the approval ask the girl out and tell her how you feel. she will also probably want to check with her friend as well, make sure you tell her that that is fine, she can take her time in asking the friend for permission. other than that, definitely go for it. you dont need to be thinking about things seriously, like "marriage keen." and it won't stuff up any friendship trust me, me and my best friend still remained complete best friends, we still are, no boys have gotten in the way of that.


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  • Don't go for it unless you are really keen on her, like marriage keen. Otherwise things will get messy, and it will cause trust issues between them/ stuff up their friendship.

  • I am not really sure how your ex girlfriend awould feel but that really depends on how she is. If it was me I don't think that I would have a problem with it especially if had a boyfriend at the same time of this. I know that she might say that she won't have a problem with it but she might not mean it. If I was you I would talk to her before I tried to ask her best friend out.

  • Don't tell your ex, its none of her business. Write her a poem with some dearing words that comes right from the heart and a choclate 2 tell your feelings towards her,, that's just super sweet. How can't she resist.. I would have loved that


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