What should I do? Move on or wait a while?

I met this girl when I was barely going into high school and she had a big crush on me. She would text me all the time, call me, all of the things I normally get from most girls I talk to now these days. We didn't see each other for a few years, i'm now 20 and she is 19. I'm normally great with women but can't seem to get anywhere with her even though I see many positive signs she still is attracted to me. But then there's things I get mixed signals. She has had two boyfriends that from what I have heard have hurt her, trying to pressure her into things. She's shy but has pretty good confidence still. First date I took her on was a few weeks ago, we kissed. Then she got cold. Just a few days ago we went hiking and I was too nervous to make any move, which honestly has never happened to me. What should I do?


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  • Go cold back, dont text her and just wait... if she's really interested she'll miss you and text you. Was your date awkward? She maybe dosnt like you as much as she used too or maybe it is that she is keeping her guard up to protect herself from getting hurt again. Its a good thing you didn't make a move if she did go cold before, its maybe good to back off a bit and get to know her better before sticking your tongue down her throat. If she wanted to kiss you on the hike tbh she probably would have tried seeing as you have kissed before. I think just play a little hard to get and see how it goes from there


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  • You both are definitively in love if I ware you definitively be with her don't try to push her to do anything it's possible that you to become a wonderful couple. If the other guys tried to pressure her don't be like that give her time and respect her eventually things will happen. Hope the best for you and DON'T LET HER GO.

    • Thanks bro hopefully I've talked to many girls and she's the only one to make me this way.