This guy is soo confusing, can someone hell me out?

I'm talking to this guy right now, and I don't know how I feel about him. My friend used to have a crush on him but he hated her so instead he went after me. I kinda started liking him, but now he calls me and texts me nonstop. He kinda flirts with me, he's always complimenting me and stuff. But at the same time he's kinda possessive and manipulative. Like I said, he always calls me; he could be at a party but he calls me. And he's turned me against most of my friends, so now he wants me to hang out with him and his friends. And I don't know if this is true or not, but my friend told me that some girl likes him and he "kinda" likes her back. But I haven't seen or heard him talk to other girls, so who knows. We aren't even dating yet.
Should I just ask why what he wants from me/why he keeps my around? Should I ask if he has feelings for me? I don't know how to ask.


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  • makes you feel good didn't he?
    you know not saying this is one, but this is how abusive relationships start. It always starts small, just where you should and shouldn't be, then turns you against your friends, and then his friends are now your friends, sex gets rougher, and then (usually) he becomes hyper sensitive, and all his faults become your fault.

    the dude is controlling. Just read back what you asked. Although turning away from your friends was your fault. Any guy that takes away him away from his friends is not worth having. Its like a predator really, because now you can only turn to him for help, or his friends for help... and his boys will inform him of everything you ask or tell. Its a controlled environment. Your going to have no one if you break up (if it continues)... but he will. He likes having one or more women. He's not emotionally connected enough to stick with one... and your not IT.
    Its best not to ask the guy anything. You won't get an answer you feel satisfied with. And even if you do, could you even believe it? nothing to believe from your description. But when you are away... i know he wants yah back.. calling texting and calling. Because thats a no no for him.


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  • I'd say this isn't the best guy for you. Trust me, I've been the guy in between his position before, and it's bad to be overly possessive and constantly contacting, but a little just shows you care. If it's that bad, maybe he's not right for you. If you feel like he's the one, go after him, you might get just what you want


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  • I think asking him is a good idea if you're confused and you want to know where you stand. Many women miss out on the really important opportunity to gain a little more clarity if a guy has them confused. So if you guys have a moment or two alone, just casually bring it up if it's not a big deal and ask him what's going on. Granted, this is if you want to find out & if you ask he's going to assume you're interested. From the sounds of things, it sounds like he creeps you out more than he flatters you so I don't know if he's the best dating option for you in the first place. Plus, he sounds like he was awful to your friend, and I'm not sure how close you and her are, but if a guy my friend liked ditched her to go after me, I'd drop the guy (especially if she would be hurt in anyway by you two potentially dating in the future).