I've been in love with this person for 4 years, what do I do?

There is a guy that I've been in love with for 4 years ( I won't mention who he is).

The problem is he definitely doesn't know I exist and he never will.

The other problem is this is the guy I base my standards at and I can't look at other guys without think if they are remotely close like him.

What do I do?


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  • "love" is what two people feel with EACH OTHER at one point in time. you're just infatuated sweetheart. its only a one-way street. thats not love by any stretch of the imagination. the only solution to this is to talk to him get to know him. if he doesn't know u exist then u probably don't know what type of person he is up close and personal. you have to be reasonable. "loving" someone from afar will probably only be creepy to him. u gotta get to know him on a personal level first before u throw the L word around.


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  • so you know this is not stalkerish whatsoever... I believe you should talk to him, if you're looking for guys like him its because you are intensely attracted to men of a certain type of look/personality/etc. and that is fine... just be patient and look for your type of guy...

  • "Thats not true.. i know you exist"... JUST KIDDING LOL... im sorry to hear about your unapeased longings... why doesn't he know you exist? whats creating the barriar between you and him?

    • I'm not the only girl that likes him /).(\ you could say he's famous.

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    • The curly hair, the deep voice, the green eyes, the funny personality. And the autograph thing is almost close to impossible.

    • Ashton kutcher?

  • Well you could try talking to the dude. Not going to lie here you sound the the dude's stalker..

    • It's not stalkerish at all. I literally can't go up to him and talk to him. It's impossible. You wouldn't understand.

    • would understand. I'm a guy. I know all about going up to flirt with the opposite sex. It's our thing. Along with it comes learning how to recognize when you're trying to fool yourself and others with excuses.

      So what's stopping you from talking with this dude? Is it some celebrity or something?

    • Yeah it's a celebrity. But I see a lot of girls going up to him and talking to him. If I was in that situation, either 1) say something stupid or 2) gibberish would come out of my mouth. I wouldn't be able to talk to him when a lot others can.

  • This isn't love it's obsession. Your human though so sometimes it's happens and there's nothing to feel guilty about but I will say you're cheating yourself out of a good thing with these other guys. I'm not gonna give you any more advice than don't stop learning and don't be afraid of saying your wrong. You'll figure things out eventually.


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