Ladies can I get your opinion on this, guys feel free to chime in on this as well?

So this friends with benefits starts dating this one guy and he was a really nice guy, but he was as she put it too immature, especially the one night where he offered to get her another drink, but then asked if she wanted on her tab and I was amazed, and I thought I was, out of touch with social convention. I'm sorry but where I come from you don't offer anyone a drink and then ask them to pay for it, I don't know what do you guys and gals think?

forgot to add she did stop seeing him after that, also apparently the sex was bad, so she says, though I don't know if that's an excuse to keep having our "fun". But yeah I'm glad to see people agree that was that guy was a bit out of line there


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  • That is a bit weird and rude I'd say! Either you ask her if she wants a drink and you pay for it or you just don't ask! But don't ask if she'd like something and make her pay for it like no, that is not alright!

    • If I ask someone if they want a drink, it means I'm getting up and going to get one for myself and am offering to fetch one for them on the way. The social convention you are all talking about, where a man pays for a womans' drink usually has the man just buying it without asking, traditionally that is.

    • Thank you for MH :)

    • No problem, that's what I said and she agreed, it was the last straw sort of thing, she even told me he asked for a second chance, oh well.

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  • I agree. You don't offer something then expect them to pay. That's just rude.


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  • yea that's cheap... no no.

  • Social convention has been changing since the women's rights movement. Men and women are equal, let her pay for her own drink. But, he was nice to offer to do the foot work to acquire said drink.

    • Hey it's also good to hear a difference of opinion, I know the situation would be different if she asked for it rather than him offering, in which case putting it on her tab wouldn't have been that bad in my opinion