How and why is it that the changes that girls, women have to make in order to become more attractive to the oppossite sex, just as equally as hard?

that the changes guys have to do or make in order to become more attractive to the oppossite sex? i remember i was having an argument with a user on this site here, i said to him "its like men have to change for women but women don't have to change for men in order to attract them"

He then says to me:

"Women spend several hours a day working on themselves in order to look good, dress stylish, and be attractive for us. They stress and worry about that stuff constantly.

Quit trying to be a victim and grow a pair."

I then say to him: "true but they don't have to worry on how they speak or talk, because how women talk and speak does not really attract us men to them, the words and sentences that come out of their mouth don't really mean much, they just have to respond"

"social skills are not as important for women to have, that is a fact"

Denial is not merely a river in Egypt, my friend, and you are deeply in denial.

Being angry and bitter isn't going to help you get girls, that's for sure.

"You may not like the rules of the game, but a smart person learns the rules, and works at playing the game better. People who stand on the sidelines and whine about the rules never even have a chance at winning. That's you, dude."

Women don't need to work on their lifestyle, they don't need to work on their passions or career, they don't need to have a life, they don't need to have things going for them.

When I say they don't need to have a life, they don't need to:
"Do new things, do unusual things, do fun things. Go to places you've never been before. Make yourself busy with hobbies or interests--preferably where there is a social component. As you have more stuff going on in your life, you seem more interesting. You seem more interesting because you are more interesting. Sitting on the couch all day watching TV does not constitute a fun, interesting lifestyle. And you won't meet any new women by staying at home all the time."

And i know you people are gonna answer this question by saying that i should be doing these things for myself, not for women, i should be doing these stuff regardless, well guess what? i hate having to do those things
women don't have to live life for themselves but men do, makes me hate, despise, loathe the cards i was dealt with for being born a guy, makes me have sympathy for the late Elliot Rodger, if Elliot Rodger was a girl he wouldn't have struggled
i hate life and reality for being this way


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  • women mainly have it this easy when they are young, like late teens and throughout their 20's


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  • How and why is it that the changes that girls, women have to make in order to become more attractive to the oppossite sex, just as equally as hard?
    I find gals generally use makeup, fashion, diet, exercise, plastic surgery, and anti-aging methods to become attractive to the opposite sex as it seems the only thing guys care about is how a gal looks.

    Whether those things are equally hard is a toss up. In my opinion what gals work on is harder than guys as it seems guys are concerned with what gals look like and gals are concerned with who guys are. So what guys change seem to be easier and last longer (character/personality) while what gals change seem to be harder and last shorter (beauty/youth).

    Plus it seems what guys what guys work on generally get them what they want whether they are in their 'prime or not' . While I find even in their prime' gals generally do not get what they seek- a long-term monogamous relationship leading to marriage- as it appears what most guys offer them is sex and at best casual relationships.


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  • Women don't have it much better than men, not only do they go through extraordinary measures to keep themselves pretty but they also worry about their weight and etc. far more than men. There are a lot of women that can't get men either, mainly because most men drool over the most attractive women.

    The idea that you have to work harder than women to be attractive is a delusional excuse for why you can't attract any women, there are plenty of women in your exact situation. Work hard rather than judging how hard others work.

  • It's not because they have what is in demand. And as long as they have what is in demand, we have to do what we have to do to get it.