How do I dress cute and warm for an ice skating date?

We're going as a group and I'm the only one who's never skated before, but could be fun!

I have a black long down jacket, with a fur hood. I was thinking a black turtleneck sweater and a white fleece 1/4 zip over that? Plus a white knit hat, and leather gloves.

On my bottoms, just leggings and snow pants so I'm nice and padded. Will I need any more layers?



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  • I think that's too many layers to be honest. A long sleeve shirt under a light sweater/sweatshirt would suffice assuming you're going to skate outdoors. You're describing what I wore during the -50 windchill shit in Chicago lol. You're gonna suffocate.

    • Oh we're skating at an indoor arena, will that make a difference?

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    • Leggings and jeans will do. Snowpants are for outdoor snow sports. I promise, you're not going to freeze. And no, you don't need a coat, or gloves (but bring them in case)

    • Thanks for Mh


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  • Well that looks pretty overly warm to me, but girls tend to get cold easily... Snow pants are good in case you fall. I say go with it, if you get too warm take off your hat and gloves and unzip your jacket, you should be fine.


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  • i'd wear a minskirt with a sweater on top

    • Won't I freeze on the ice like that?

    • nope. schoolgirls around the world wear skirts as a part of their uniform all year round including in snowy conditions. some walk for miles to and from school. they survive. i survive. you, too, will survive.

  • When I went roller skating I wore leggings, a circle skirt, a long sleeved top and a hair band that would totally be cute and if you did wear what you had posted... girl, you're screaming "over dressed"

    • oh I meant Ice skating at an arena!!! :)

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    • Thanks for your reply! I can really get away without a coat? What about my legs? I thought I should dress like when I'm going skiing :)

    • just wear a light sweater like a cardigan or a pull over hoodie (light fabric) a coat will really warm you up fast! and for legs jeans or leggings- leggings with a skirt is it snowing where you are at? because if it is then dang..

  • Ice skating in the summer?