Guys why do you do it?

What is going on your mind when you text a female friend good night (some nights), even after midnight? Why would you do that? Would you do it to any of your female friends or the closest one?

What are the implications? Thanks.


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  • I've done that, but that was kinda funny. Okay, this story has a little background. We were having power failures at the time in this country (South Africa) and one night, she texts me to say that the power had just gone out and she was 'dead scared'. She wasn't, she was just joking, but she was just in the mood to chat. I called her and we chatted. When she hung up, I randomly (I'd got into the random mood from chatting to her) texted her and said goodnight. She laughed it off, and we joked about it the next day. I did it because we had that sort of relationship. We were just friends, although I wanted more with her.

    Does this always mean that that's always the case? No. It just means that it's funny at the time, or that they're being friendly. It can mean more, but that's not exactly the most likely explanation.

    • Yeah but you are only talking about a one time event. With a different scenario. Do you guys still do it? Or was it just a one time thing?

    • Unfortunately she was a foreign student, and has now left the country.

      If it's done to wake the girl up, then that sucks and it's inconsiderate. Sadistically funny, but inconsiderate.

      If a girl wants to chat to me, time means zilch to me so I don't mind


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  • Unless they are night owls, I would not text them good night... If they are already asleep then it is pointless. I would however text them "Good morning beautiful (or sunshine)" so that they would see if in the morning.

    I would also only text it to the girlfriend or wife.

  • I wouldn't do it out of the blue. If I was having a conversation and going to bed, I'd say "Have a good night! " to be polite.

    • Not if you were having a conversation. My question is why would a guy do it? Even if you have not talked to that person for that day or a week.

    • He wants you to think of him before you fall asleep, and if he did it out of the blue, then he was thinking about you before hand.

  • If it were me, I'm probably thinking about her. I probably have some sort of feelings for her and hopefully get a confirmation that she has feelings for me too if she texts me back. No, I wouldn't do it to any of my female friend. Hope this helps.

  • I would do it because I'm thinking about the girl. Now wait a minute! Thinking about a good female friend after midnight and texting her goodnight means I'm thinking about how beautiful she looks with her eyes closed, how she has a slight smile because it's a nice dream or how adorable she looks drooling on her pillow. Now maybe, just maybe, this guy is attracted to you? But what do I know, I'm Just A Random Guy.

    • I've tried the "adorable. Drooling on her pillow" routine once and was banished from the bedroom. It seemed cute at the moment but I don't think she took it as a compliment. :)

  • He might be in love with you. And is waiting for you to say something back. Something that makes him believe that his love is welcome.


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