After a first date, we hug and guy says "let's hang out again & keep in touch"?

So I go on a date with this guy that I happened to go to high school with 10yrs ago, (but I didn't know him really then), we both had a good time, good conversation, chatty, laughing, tons to talk about. After it's over he walks me to my car, we hug and he says "let's hang out again & keep in touch", did he just friend zone me, or is he even going to contact me at all? I don't know what that means.


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  • It means he definitely wants to see you again. Pretty much guaranteed, he is interested in you but doesn't want to be pushy since it was only the first date.

    • It has been 2 days and he hasn't contacted me, would it be too much if I invite him in a couple says to meet up with me somewhere, casually?

    • In my opinion it would be totally fine.

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  • its a positive sign... can mean both