Drive in theater date or just as friends?

So a girl I haven't talked to in about 2 years responded to a post inviting people to come with me to a drive in. Upon Mentioning one other person may come she asked if we could go to a diner and make it like something out of 'footloose'.
My friend may not be coming after all, but I have been pretty lonely and I'm afraid of reading to much into this.
She is a nice girl and our families used to be close but we grew apart.
Think I am reading to much into it?

Me and her are going alone, Thursday because we accidently planned it on her cousins birthday so she made it sooner.


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  • I think she is reaching out to you here. Go with it.

  • Make it what you want it to be. Or call her before asking if she's still up to go alone with you. Good luck


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