Ladies, what type of males are you attracted to... please be serious?

just when i though there was only 2 types of males in existence (Alpha and Beta), today i found out that there are actually four. the other two being Delta and Zeta.

anyways in case you didn't know an...

Alpha male is the traditional male who is obviously dominant and successful in life. he is always educated, knows how to balance life, good with women, its more likely to live the American dream with a woman to his side that is loyal to him and takes care of his family thus being able to race healthy children that will most like;y carry on his alpha genetics. in todays society it is really hard to run into these types of males.

Beta male who is indeed the loser of society. he is weak, insecure and unsuccessful in life especially with women yet he will always hide behind a mask and would go as far as pretending to be that he is God's give to women. yet in the end you can see how lame he is with women from a mile. beta male are more likely to engage in dysfunctional relationships where their women will control and manipulate his life away thus filing divorce on him later on and legally stealing all the hard working properties he worked hard for, etc. i would like to point out that this site is loaded with beta males.

Delta males, which is basically an alpha male who was struct by tragedy and is no longer able to perform as good as he used to but still caries a large portion of alpha traits. a good example of a delta male would be Thomas Jane in The Punisher (2004) and Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino (2008).

lastly there is the Zeta male, which is what i am. unlike alpha males we zeta males dont follow any tradition such as holding doors or buying drinks for women just simply because they are women. at the same time we dont let women control and manipulate us like the betas. to put it simple we zetas make our own rules and live life how we choose.

anyways, which male do you find most attractive, and why?

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  • Well the way you put it i guess id be atracted to the Alfa male. But i like to say im atracted to intelligent men who have their shit put together and can take care of there own business i dont mind pampering a man who deserves it but i absolutely refuse to baby and coddle a man.


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  • What the f*ck. I'm not picking based on this "alpha, beta" crap.
    I am attracted to guys with a nice face (can be not so fit, don't have a huge problem with it, abs aren''t everything) and who doesn't treat me like I'm some kind of stupid girl who he can manipulate or call however he wants and who is independent, knows how to take care of himself and someone who's smart enough to actually carry a conversation with me. I've had my fair share with my ex-crush, the biggest jerk ever, so no guys like that for me like that. please. There's no such things as "all girls like jerks" or "all girls go for the money". We aren't all the same. And just because a guy hasn't had some luck with women does not make him a loser. Being a loser isn't valued by how many women you had.
    Neither as a girl. Having no boyfriend doesn't mean you're a loser.

    • Lol well said

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    • Not really. At one point he upset me really bad with a remark but we weren't getting along so well anymore. But other than that he was decent haha.
      I was the only one who kinda didn't accept his moods and remarks and just use them back haha.
      I don't think you could go as far as "repulsing" come on :(

    • i'm just saying. the majority of the time women want a man that will pamper their asses. at least here where i'm from most women are like that

  • They are all losers and I dont want any one of those dickheads

    • And I'm sure none of them want you...
      PS, it's hilariously ironic that someone as bitter as you would call herself "CrazyCandy"

  • Um... I don't see guys as types, but as individuals. Sorry, I couldn't say.

  • i love sweet, gentle and generally weak but can change and lead at certain times but ah i love that mildness and boyish charm ♡

  • Unfortunately zeta is the guys I unknowingly go for im quite sick of then too

  • im more into the delta kind as a guy who can go through a tragedy and still come out on a some what healthy end is definitely my kind of man

    • i see. but i must warn you that the majority of times delta males tend to be alcoholics or even drug addicts as they have been too damn stressed out from their tragedy and will try anything to diminish the pain

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    • is cool. but i take "majority" back. since not everyone is the same of course

  • I would totally go for an alpha male, as I want some one to dominate me and keep me in line as well as knowing how to balance that and be successful

  • I would pick the alpha male because I like dominant guys and being successful is a plus and also willing to take care of a family is nice too.

  • I always end up having a thing for someone who would fit delta


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  • Sorry not a valid poll: Women don't need to be manipulated into choosing a so called type of man simply because you create a category to define yourself and try to belittle every other. A woman is not a commodity or a prize you win by being brash and crude. A woman is someone you cherish and call during the day so she knows you miss being with her. A woman is someone you ask "how was your day"? and not because you want to hear your own voice; so you can give yourself an emotional pat on the back; but because you are genuinely interested in her life and can share in her wins and loses daily. Women should be treated with kid gloves emotionally and showered with Passion and romance. If you find someone you can connect with and enjoy each other; feed and nourish the bond you have created with each other.

    • oh are you a beta yourself? you sound like you are and i'm sorry if i offended you.

      anyways, i'm not manipulating anyone here. is their choice if they want to answer this or not and i am not belittling nobody as i speak the truth. i also know that women are not trophies and that is why i consider myself a zeta since conquering women is one of the top least priorities of my life.

    • sorry still not in a category... not offended

      simply speaking my mind / thick skinned not alligator but tungsten carbide

      titanium and bulletproof!!!

  • This is WAAAAY more complicated than that.
    Genetics determines 50% of what someone is. The rest molding them is their environment, and who they look up to. There are too many variables to simply label someone as "Alpha" "Beta" "Delta" or "Zelta".

  • They all want tall, good looking rich types.