Should I move on or stay Need advice asap!! I have?

Hi I'm a 33 yr old recently divorced but legally separted 2 years to an abusive husband for 11yrs and I haven't dated in a long time so I met this guy on fb who us a friend of my guy friends who said he seemed like a good guy so we have been talking for 3 weeks almost 4 and we have been out on 5 dates and have beem sexually involved but im not sure if he is seeing someone. He told me from the beginning when ibasked if he was single and he said yes and the reason was he is to busy with work and his new house he's been renovating on the weekends so he can get moved in and most girls can't handle that he works a lot and that's his number one priority and his two pit dogs so I said I am to just not much in the summer as in the winter with my job but he is self employed and he recently started his own construction business and need to give it all he had for the next 3 years and his house finished by end of July so he can move in but yet he was still interested and asked me out on. A date very nice guy who is really t sweet and affectionate towards me on the first date and the rest but he makes time twice a week to see me but on the weekend he can't spend time because he has to finish his house and this weekend is my bday and the 4th of July and I asked him to go out of town but he says he can't hw would luv to but he has to get his cabinets in so I was like ok i didn't let him know or beg him to hang out even though I was hurt and felt rejected and I have felt that way since last weekend and the prior one when he doesn't hardy respond to my texts like one text or two all at long maybe 5 or 6 I but like hrs in between my texts I send and always tells me good night or good am and tells me everyday or other that he misses my smile I'm so amazing and beautiful we have beem sexual after the second date and he talks always talks about it all I time how he enjoys it I'm amazing and... but yetl I'm all these things and he tell me he likes Me a lot or he misses my beautiful smile


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  • Be wary of this guy, don't put your life on hold for him. Judge him by his action not his words

  • just be careful. let him get his own house in order before you proceed


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