Advice on how to bring up the relationship talk?

I have been seeing a guy for 1 year now and things are going great. I have met his friends and about 5 months in we started having sex. He treat me really well. Only issue is that we haven't had the 'relationship talk'. I want to do that as soon as possible, as it is now constantly on my mind. But how do I bring this up? I dont want to come off as too forward about it, I want it to be a comfortable chat. So guys, what would be a good way of going about it?


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  • You have been having sex with him for seven months and he still has not decided that he wants to take a chance on a relationship with you? How much more obvious does it need to be that you are being played?

  • Don't force it on him. Bring it up as you would any other conversation. If you've been seeing each other for this long I'd imagine he wants something more as well. He might just not know how to say it.


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