Girls, how likely are you take hangout with a guy friend who you do not know as well, if he were to ask you to hang out 1-on-1?

I'm mad crushing on this girl I know, we know each other mainly because we have so many mutual friends, but do not know each other as well, though we have had a couple good conversations.

I invited her to go to an amusement park with some mutual friends and I. Afterwards, I was gonna ask if she wanted to hangout with me sometime. I'm sure she'll say yes, but I just need the confidence boost lol.

  • I would/ she will say yes
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  • I would/ she will say no
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  • could go either way
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  • she will most likely be up for it if she had fun at the amusement park with you.


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  • I would. You can get to know him better


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