What the hell is with this girl?

I'll try not to be long so you can read...

I messaged this girl on FB 2 years ago before adding her as a friend, about a week ago she replied, and said she couldn't see it that's why 2 years. I assumed she had a boyfriend, now she doesn't. I've been talking to her how I know her from 11 years ago but she doesn't remember me. She answers extreme short answers and ignores some questions. Basic questions like how was your weekend,(trying to figure if she has boyfriend) what's up, what you up to. I think she is gorgeous and want to ask her out. But not on FB cuz that's lame, so I am trying to figure if she has boyfriend and become closer friends and then ask for number therefore, ask her out on phone! however, I am not sure if she is acting like that because she has a boyfriend or wants me to be straight up and ask out. Cuz when I tried to ask how her weekend was, she asked what I meant by it? It's straight forward question, is she already reading that I am asking that question for a reason? Because I don't know her much, how can I flirt with her, without scaring her?

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BREAKING NEWS! she said she is engaged after I asked her if she has boyfriend. But her FB profile has no pics or indication of her fiancee, is she lying?


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  • well, it's possible that she's a bit creeped out, but the fact that she still is communicating you rather than blocking you cancels that out. i think she's trying to test if you have any ulterior motives than just making small talk. she probably wants to know WHY you're asking it. i don't know if she likes you or not, but i think you should just be direct and get your point through. "you wanna hang out sometime?" would be your best shot. good luck!

    • wanna hang out sometime, vs do you have a boyfriend? what you think?

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    • I asked after talking to her for a while, if she has boyfriend? she said she is engaged ;(

    • aw that sucks... sorry man, it could just be that her fiance isn't on facebook. but either way she isn't interested.


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  • Ask her number. If she doesn't give it, no chance.

    • I've been talking to her for 3 days, i don't know her in person since grd 6, age 13/14 now we're 24/25 respectively. I thought of making some chemistry before I ask for a number. Being Muslims too, it's abit different.

    • Well, I am in a relationship but I am not updating my status.

  • She seems creeped out by you, she isn't interested.

    • haven't said anything that would creep her, also I know her from our childhood. I didn't add her as a friend until she replied, so I don't see why she would be creeped out especially talking for like 3 days after she replied.

    • You'd be surprised.

  • i don't think she's into you, short answers are never good with a girl. I'd let this one go if i were you.

    • fk k thanks, I still need to know if she has bf, also I didn't even chat up enough for her to be creeped or not interested. Also why reply to me 2 years later, accept FR and then act like a bitch? She may also be on her period cuz she indicated that!!!

    • maybe she was bored, maybe a friend replied. however she doesn't seem interested at all

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  • you should just ask her straight up. I usually do. If she doesn't quickly change the subject and ask her out a few days later if she responds well to your advances.

    • thanks man, i guess it's good to be straight up, cuz she'll know that i am interested and will know my answer, but i guess i am afraid not to hear what ji don't want to.

  • It seems like she's not really interested, but even so, if she's a decent reasonable person she could at least give you some straight answers.

    If you see her in person try and get talking to her. Otherwise, ask if she wants to hang out some time. No straight answer? Give up - I wouldn't waste my time with her.