Is he going to get back with his ex?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple months the first month of seeing each other I found out he had a gf after she texted me saying they were together for over 5 years and how he does this to her all the time. I was left confused and hurt , out of stupidity and already have fallen I went back to him he said they really broke up this time and I had proof that they did. However, a couple months later In his house pictures of them were back up? When I asked he said she had to come over for her belongings and he didn't wanna hear her bitch that the pictures of them weren't up. Which made no sense cause if they were broken up I think she would have expected the pictures to be taken down. recently I realized they have a lot of mutal friends and weddings that they are both going to be invited to. He recently just told me he went to a wedding and she was there. Which I led slide because since they have mutal friends she would obviously be there.

But the real kicker is I found a photo of them from 4 weeks ago at a party sitting next to each other in the background talking and my guy looking as happy as can be. It bothers me because i really like him and I'm nervous I'm just the rebound and one day he's going to say he's back with his ex what do I do in this situation?


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  • I think he's already back with his ex.


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  • I would leave him. He already lied to you once. If he was willing to keep YOU on the side when they were dating, he could very well likely keep HER on the side once you guys start dating.

    Dating a guy who already used you to cheat on his girlfriend in the beginning isn't a great foundation to build on.