Age differences: when the girl is older?

So I'm 18 and he's 16, I'm not gonna lie I've always had a prejudice against relationships where the girl is older than the guy. I know I know, age is just a number...
I'm just curious, for anyone who has been in a similar or the same situation, how did it work out between the two of you? Was the age difference a big factor in the relationship? Or did it not matter?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think age difference is a factor in relations by the way 2 years don'even count as age differenc so as you can understand each other then you will do just fine


What Girls Said 1

  • Well my mom is older than my dad by i think 3-4 years and they are still fine so, it shouldn't matter but i get how its a little weird at first but you just have to forget how old they are and just carry on - im assuming at least