Does she see me as a possibility or is she just being nice? Girl with a boyfriend?

We're both age 20: asked a girl on a date and she said she was seeing someone else but would still like to hang as friends. This hasn't happen because I didn't push it (I want a date not a just friends thing).

Anyways we've been staying in touch every once in a while through text. She seems glad to hear from me, she'll check in etc

What are some things that might indicate I have a chance with her if things line up VS her just being friendly?

Is there anything I can/should do so she knows if her current situation doesn't work out that I would like to take her out?


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  • If she's taken I'd recommend not trying to flirt or let her know what's up.. She already knows that you're interested because you asked her out. If she's interested in you she'll let you know, (look out for emojis). If she becomes single anytime soon, that would be your opportunity to finesse her. If not? Move on.


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  • She's playing on you honey. If she really does like you, trust me she'll break up with her boyfriend for you. Don't hurt yourself and please move on. You deserve better than this.


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  • You shouldn't do anything at all with the intent of being with her, she's taken man. If her relationship ends then you can try and work your magic, but tempting her like that is just recipe for disaster.