Will she realize what she's missing out on?

My ex and I have been apart for a month and a bit now. She broke up with me. It wasn't the best of break ups. Trying the no contact thing. She is already with another guy who she says treats her better and she has come to realize that because of me. She says she deserves better. I thought we had a pretty good relationship. Obviously didn't treat her the best during our break up and of course that's what's in her most recent memory. Will she forget about me with this guy? Will she realize what she has lost? She ran straight to this guy the day we broke up.

We were together over a year. How could she move on so quickly?


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  • Wouldn't make a big deal of it. Just move on the best way you can, and don't rush into anything just yet. Enjoy the free time you have to yourself and really get some self-evaluation in your time. She is a little childish for going out of her way to tell you all this, and let alone the fact that she ran straight into another guys arms so soon after you broke up. Her heart probably was never really in it. If she had a problem with it all along she could've told you all while you were together. So I personally don't think you should concern yourself. It's harder than it sounds but you'll be fine and get over it and find bigger and better things to occupy yourself with (and maybe a new girlfriend) good luck!


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  • I wouldn't worry about this girl because she got with a new guy right after you broke up and she's telling you how he's better and this and that. Why is she going out of her way to tell you why you're so bad when she's "moved on"? She sounds petty and immature.

  • I think you should just try to move on, as tough as it sounds ):


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