It makes me so angry how disgusting people are? Mainly men how they look at me?

Okay I'm just going to go on a rant. I'm really good at reading people's personalities and energies. If you look into someones eyes you can see who they really are. I'm always right about someones motives and how they really are when most people can't see it. They can smile with their teeth, but you can see how fake it is in their eyes. This goes in any sort of emotion. When someone loves you, when they hate it, when they're jealous of you. It makes me so angry when a man will make signs, but it's so obvious they just want sex. They will literally do anything for it. You can see behind their fake smile
Also with girls who try and be your friends. It's all jealously behind their eyes. Their jealously is proven by their actions too.
I hate being the girl that a lot of men wants to sleep with, and all the girls try and ruin my life. The guys that do want relationships, stalk me. They always know where I live, when I don't tell them. They know a lot about me too. They guys are never disrespectful, never flat out say they just want sex, but it's obvious in their eyes. They can do all this stuff, but it's fake to half the guys I approach. Kind of desperate if you ask me
Before you make comments on how to dress and act. I don't talk to many people, I just observe. I also cover up, and get told by many adults I dress very classy for my age unlike all the other girls.
And it doesn't make it any better that my best friend says that a lot of men worship me and would pay a lot of money to have sex with me. Which is kind of a diss
It's just a complicated story how men react when they see me

So the question is why does it have to be like this for me? Non of my friends have this problem. Most of the girls I have worked with or have been friends get this type of attention


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  • Hmm, I ran into the error you are talking about unintentionally before but that was about 5-7 years ago. The stalkery and manipulative behavior. Some people think it's work. I, in retrospect, think they're just socially inept and culturally misdriven. I'm not surprised you run into this though, considering it stems from the notions that a male is "fated" to be with the female, that "males and females are so different that they can't understand each other", and courtship. Even though the basic idea is just that they want to be all over you, nothing less and sadly nothing really more in this scenario.


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  • looks like you're attractieve
    possibly because the way you act, react...
    if you act like a flirty girly girl
    boy's will come easylier and well you know how they act...

    you can compare it with animals =D
    if you act like a little scared helpless antilope
    the bigger the chance the lions will attack you first =)

    i would say
    (be a man), and don't let guys paly with you
    like cats do with mices before they eat them.

  • It sounds that you might be a sexy girl, and yes guys want to have sex with you, no secret.
    And yes, other girls may be jealous, because all these guys want you. If you really don't want this attention, then just dress down, and don't make yourself up.
    Don't feel too sad for yourself. Another girl was just on here wanting to kill herself because she had nobody.

  • Lel good thing u can read the mind of a hungry wolf. Glad u dont fall prey easily x)

  • Ok, so you don't like sex? Don't worry one day you'll meet a player who fakes being bored around you :)

    • I never said I didn't like it. I just find it annoying how fake people in general are
      Men are either psycho or way too "happy"

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    • Hah are you calling me ugly

    • I'm saying you should do what I do cuz ur probably also hot.

  • American culture or western culture is havoc in the end. Women are responsible for this shit.
    No sexism here.

  • Ignore those kind of guys and find new friends.

  • Just be happy they DO look at you like that, stop complaining

  • You can't read shit in people's eyes, you do however think the planet revolves around you!
    Get over yourself and have a normal relationship

  • Sounds like you're self absorbed and all of this attention that you think is being directed at you is more likely a figment of your imagination that you've blown way out of proportion. Trust me no one cares that much about you most people are way to focused on their own life.


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  • Have you been hurt a lot in your past relationships? I think you're thinking is clouded and you're so close minded that you can only see things from your point of view. Try to work on the root issue- it sounds like you have a lot of trust issues.

    • No I only been Hurt once