I really need help on a situation with a guy I really liked now like again?

ok so I have a situation because I really really liked this guy awhile back and so I texted him smoothly of course haha while we were talking that I liked him then he replied that I was a nice girl but he was interested in someone else and I was on the phone with my bff while I was texting him and she asked him who he liked he told her and she was freaking out but she wouldn't tell me then the next day she told me and turns out it was my ex best friend and I was heart broken

cuz I really liked him and so they started dating a day after I told him I liked him and I convinced myself that I didn't like him anymore then two days ago my bff called me and told me that his gf broke up with him cuz she was not allowed to date and her dad threatened to send her to a different school now all my emotions are rising back up again for him and I don't know what to do


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  • The only thing you can do is move on. If you tey to convince him to be with you it will just turn out badly. I know that sucks and not what you wanted to hear /:

    Crushes can be heartbreaking...

    • but they broke up so can I ever try and be with him?

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    • wow yeah that is worse... what a bummer I'm really sorry this happened sweetie D:

    • its okay but it sucks why me ugh!


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  • U were thrown like a shit and u want to go agn he will accept but u like a second option silly girl dont waste your time on forced love he will not respect stsy calm and find true love do message me :p

  • If she is really your bff dhe should be happy you found your special someone. But tread careful don't rub the relationship in her face at all.


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  • He didn't like you before, and i don't think things have changed. You should move on to someone you have a better chance with. If you wait around for him you will waste your time.