Why do my parents want me to be in a relationship?

i'm single and my mom keeps wanting me to hang out with a guy who's a family friend. i don't even think he is interested hanging out with me, as he makes no plans to. she just won't drop it and keeps asking if he has texted me etc. just don't know why my mom wants me to have a boyfriend so much


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  • How old are you? If you are above 22, she wants you to find a guy marry and start a family.
    Basically she wants to make sure you don't end up 40 single without anyone to love you.

    She is just worried for you, like all mothers are, don't hold it against her. She loves you.


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  • She wants grandkids!

  • Future planning your parents must wanted to throw coz theu kbow that guy is rich many parents do the same to girla for me but I dont give a damn m happy enough with my gf better then forced girls


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