Are we "over" or? help please please guys?

SOooooooooo There's a boy who I've been going on occasional dates with for a couple months, talking a lot with, and we're basically "a thing", but it isn't actually defined like "dating". Anyway we are both 17 and we went to prom together. I went away for summer, but I'm home here and there and we see each other. Anyway while I was away on vacation in the past week, he just stopped talking to me. He started opening my snapchats and not replying at all ever which is unusual for him. I don't know what changed or what I did wrong, and I'm worried to ask that question because he might respond like we were never actually dating in the first place. Helppp why would he do this and what do you think this means? is he done with me?


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  • Because maybe he was/is genuinely busy or something.
    If I were in a place of you, I'd wait for a week or two instead of bombarding her phone with my messages because that makes you sound clingy.

    Be smart, Don't be her :P


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  • I don't think this has anything to do with you guys "dating" or being a "thing", so don't treat it like he is. I read texts, open snapchats, listen to voicemails all the time and don't get back to people because either i forget to reply or I don't feel up to par at the moment. I wouldn't sweat it. If its really bothering you though just ask if he's okay cause he seems quiet. If he says yes, then don't press the issue any further.

  • Probably over. You didn't do anything wrong. Guys his age are just really immature and have a short attention span.