How do I stop being shy and clumsy around him?

I've liked this boy for a while and we were on and off flirting because of his crazy ex , recently we kissed and ever since we've been flirting and i think he's going to ask me out, the only issue is i get really shy when i'm around him i become really clumsy i drop a lot of things and you can just tell i'm really nervous and i embarrass myself a lot when i'm with him how do i make myself feel more comfortable and be more confiden?


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  • Sometimes you can't but there's nothing wrong with that, and I bet he finds it adorable ( I know I would). If you want to feel more comfortable around him, try relaxing before you see him. Just think of things that you're comfortable doing and then imagine doing them with him. Envision yourself calm and relaxed and you will be. Hope this helps!

  • There was one girl that I was besotted by, I mean I couldn't believe how i was behaving around her, but then I started talkin to her and tried to control myself. Sexual chemistry does things to the opposite sex, but you have to shy away from the nerves and feel stronger to talk.


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