Long distance relationship, can it work or not?

Do you guys/gals think a long distance relationship can work? I personally believe they can because I am I'm one my boyfriend is in the army. What do you think and why?


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  • I always hated LDRs. I was in two and they were both agonizing. My fiancee and I broke up because I'm joining the Marines (and marriage was never something I've ever wanted for myself). I don't regret the breakup, because now I have all the time in the world to talk to other girls, work out, take care of myself, play video games, jerk off from time to time without a girlfriend thinking "I don't satisfy him". Maybe it's just me, but I prefer the single life.


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  • Yes. Me and my boyfriend were for 6 months, and we're as good as ever, him being back :) just stay in contact as much as possible, and remember how much you want HIM. not just want somebody.
    I've had another long distance one.. it worked a while. It ended for other reasons though.
    So no, the distance isn't a killer if you don't let it be