Complicated relationship with a jordanian guy, help!

to make this short: we met at December (last yr) and we became a couple last april. he keeps on telling me that he's divorced, talking about marriage even if it's still early and he wants to meet my parents and telling me how in love he is with me, etc... then after doing the "thing" just last week of june, he was oh-so-sweet... then he mentioned that he's GOING TO divorce his wife ASAP (who's currently living in jordan) and i was like WTF? i'm trying to avoid him after that but it's soooo hard :( but i feel bad for the jordanian wife too... what to do?


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  • More often than not, guys with this sort of line are just playing you. They don't have much respect for Western women and don't hesitate to lie about divorcing their wives.

    And gee, not to talk about Arab men, this behavior isn't so uncommon right close to home, Is it?


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  • I don't like the lies. I'd get out...

  • Jordanian guy? Problems always come from these kind of nationalities, Syrian, Lebanese, Palestine just avoid them and good luck!

    • Way to generelize about 35 million people. You must be so smart in your dating choices