What are your “types” and why do we all have our own unique tastes?

Just curious...
I have this friend who is crazy over Justin Timberlake, but I dont think he is attractive at all. We have totally different tastes in guys. It is kind of weird to me.


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  • I agree with you, to me, JT is not an attractive-looking dude...

    I think a lot of it has to do with what kind of people you're surrounded by... at least, that's what I think it is for me. 90% of the guys I knew growing up had dark hair and dark eyes and I find that this is my preference. Nothing against blonde dudes or people with light eyes, but the dark hair and eye combo seems to be more striking to me, for the most part. Regardless, hot is hot- that can come in lots of different looks.


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  • Generally it is woman who has type thingy. We men do not have that much variances in types.

    • Why do you think that is?

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    • Really... to appreciate women's beauty.. we don't need to have" types". If a girl is beautiful then she is beautiful. Type question arises when we date with woman.
      Girls would appreciate those guys only , who she thinks is of her type. Even a handsome guy like justin Timberlake could be unattractive to woman is he is not her type.

    • Now simple example... I don't like miley cyrus at all. But if you ask me to rate her.. i will give her 7/10 and it is because she is indeed beautiful. I don't think whether if she is my type or not. Most guys wouldn't.

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  • People have types that are all different so that they can find people (who all don't look alike) attractive.

    Not everyone in the world looks the same. So everyone finds different kinds of people attractive. If everyone all found the same look attractive then the human population would soon all look the same and a ton of traits would die out and a bunch of people would be bitter because they didn't fit the standards of attraction.

  • My Type get be 100% sexy like justin bieber