Is is normal to have never been asked out?

Hi so I'm seventeen, single and have never been asked out. I have been rejected before but guys just don't ask me out and believe me I have done the whole girl asks the guy out instead of the other way around thing. I have no idea why I haven't because I'm outgoing, confident and myself all the time. I have no idea if this is normal to have never been asked out>

And can we have helpful answers that won't offend me in anyway possible


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  • your just asking the wrong ones out in the first place, theirs nothing wrong with you


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  • Yea it happens to us so it's normal
    i been rejected by lots of people it sucks
    I'm a 46 year old virgin and proud of it
    I am very shy, had 2 ex girlfriends in my life
    I don't set my standards high when i like a girl
    I have found beauty in girls that guys don't see it

  • I didn't go on a date til I was 17. I thought I was weird that I never kissed a girl and all my friends, even girls, were talking about having sex.

  • Is it normal that I've never had the courage to ask a girl out and I'm 19?


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  • Well, here's a few things to consider:
    - Do you socialize with guys?
    - Do you act strangely (loud, abnoxious, or even gloomy)?
    - How do you dress? How does everyone else dress? Is there comparisons?
    - Do you go out often?
    - Are you clingy/obsessive/overly talkative?

    There's quite a few things you should consider. Appearance is very seldom the actual problem.

    • Yes I socialize with guys, no I act normal, I try to dress better then the rest of my school sense they mostly wear sweats and I hate sweats, Yes I go out a lot and no

  • Well I'm a tomboy so I'm loud and always hanging out with guys and my dad told me once that I intimidate the boy so that might be it (: I hope that is helpful