I'm crushing big time and I need help!!!?

So there's this boy, and there just something about him, I can't ignore it no matter how hard I try, I can't take my eyes off him. We went to primary school together but only spoke once. I'm in my last few years of high school and he is in the year above so we have no classes together. But I can't help thinking about him. He's everything I ever wanted in a guy. The only problem is that he is popular and I'm not, he has had 2 past girlfriends, both really beautiful, smart, perfect body, funny, confident, and just do everything.. Well perfect and I'm the opposite. So I need help how do catch his attention, how do I start talking to him, how do I get him to like me even if we're just friends. I can't stand just sitting here daydreaming about what could be. I want to be brave and do something.. Before it's to late. Someone help me please. Xx


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  • I agree with anonymous, just make sure he knows how you feel! Don't do it all at once though, it would put a lot of pressure on him and ultimately leave you both in a long awkward pause. Instead do it subtly, smile at him and say hi/wave whenever you see him, text him, etc. He could like you! Yet, the only thing that might be holding him back is the fact that humans naturally don't take rejection to well, and he might be afraid if he asks you that you'll say no (I know that's how I feel about the girl I like). Good luck!!

    • Thanks!! I'm scared of rejection, I mean he is popular and has dated 2 perfect girls I can't compete with that.

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  • Okay, not every guy is the same. For me, I usually need to like you first, you usually can't change my mind if I've made it up. But, with my current girlfriend, I found it cute when she told me that she'd had a crush on me for about 3 months. So just come out and say it, maybe send subtle signals.

    • Thanks so much!! But I have never spoken to this guy before only in primary once so if I just start talking to him randomly he is going to thing I'm weird.

    • Think of it this way: there's a first time for everything. You can't meet someone and get to know them without speaking to them! It may seem weird to you, but likely not to him! Play it cool, at least.

    • Oh, and those girls are only perfect by how you view things. To other people they're likely not!

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  • Just go for it. If he plays sports, ask him if this is a big game coming up, find something he's interested in and ask him about it. It's the oldest trick in the book!