T or F?: High value people don't mate with low value people?

A girl asked if an average girl could land a hot guy which prompted my response, but I'm curious to your thoughts of my observation.


High value people mate with high value people.

Average value people mate with average value people.

Low value people mate with low value people.

A reply to my comment: "this is correct, i dont know how they define "HOT" but for me "HOT" is unreachable people, elite, alta sociodad, A++."

From my observations, people with great genetics and social status don't mate with low value individuals.

If everyone could have their own version of Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Adam Levine, or James Franco, all the average value and low value humans would've gone extinct.


In other words, we rationalize that we like our average and below average counterparts. The only reason we're with them is because we can't get more than we're worth.

True or false?

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  • Oh, you quote my comments. Lol.

    Anyways, for me Miranda is a Hot-average girl. Elite, Alta Sociedad are Rockefeller and Rotchilld, The sons and daughters of Business magnate/tycoons and Billionaires.

    • Indeed I have. I agree that she's hot-average, but she's still a supermodel. There's a reason she was able to land Orlando Bloom, and now an Aussie billionaire.

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    • Damn, dude. Legit rape? Engineers are the upper echelon of us normal folk, you can still pull elite looking girls who have everything minus the title of supermodel. I'll add you a bit later, to throw off any potential eyes. :-) I'm never this candid non-anon, btw.

    • Yeah... haha. Roger that.


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What Girls Said 5

  • For ne it's partially true. If it were false, I'd have all the hot guys I see drool over me. And the rule doesn't necessarily to looks, can be wealth, social life etc. People try and pick someone in the same category. BUT I've seen exceptions to those rules. So it depends on every individual.

    • " If it were false, I'd have all the hot guys I see drool over me. "

      Good point.

  • I want someone who has same hotness as me. I think this is normal because I don't want someone shallow around me. I don't want to be someone s shallow either.

    • You forgot to mention "I don't want someone who is beneath me." I thank you for your honesty and self-awareness, unlike many other posts.

  • I agree. Most of the time, he or she go for someone with the same social status/education or whatever. Regardless of what they look like. If they are getting into a serious relationship that is.

    • Exactly. Actual studies show that people mate with those who have similar levels of intelligence, as well.

  • False for sex, true for exclusive relationships

    • Very true

    • Maybe for guys, yes. Guys will fuck a girl 2-4 numbers beneath their level on a 1-10 because sex is harder for us to get on average.

  • People's value isn't determined by how they look. I understand what you mean by the question but I don't like how it's phrased.
    And one person's "hot" may be "ehh" to someone else.

    • There are elite, average, and below average individuals. Girls date men who are unattractive all the time, given they are high value. Even if an average guy feels Adriana Lima is "meh", he's still going to date her because she is still elite.

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    • I agree, but it's the reality of things. If it weren't, we'd have no guys complaining about girls because they're too busy being banged by Brazilian super models. No girls complaining about all the hot guys being players/not settling down with just them.

    • People chase strange things sometimes. Fame and status without love?

      I guess a lot of people crave power and influence above many other things.

What Guys Said 8

  • In a general sense I'd say it's true. But there are a lot of exceptions. I hate the term high value though. That is snobby as hell.

    I think it's a matter of both opportunity and similar backgrounds. People with similar socio-economic backgrounds are far more likely to meet each other. People in the suburbs are more likely to know a lot of others in the suburbs. So the opportunity is there to meet/date others with similar backgrounds. They are also more likely to have similar interests, similar views, etc. Same thing with any other demographic.

    But whatever the reason, it's pretty obvious just from observation that it's largely true. People definitely date outside of their socio-economic background, but most don't stray too far away.

    There are some people who are just snobs and look down their noses at people they think are "below them". I see that a LOT more when it comes to level of education than with economic background. I've seen that here at GaG a lot. I call them education snobs. They just seem to think that people without advanced education are somehow below them.

    • "There are some people who are just snobs and look down their noses at people they think are "below them"."

      That is my point. Everyone does this, except unconsciously, and in a non-acrimonious way.

      There is a reason guys who live in their parents basements, are 26 years old still going to video game arcades, and have the aesthetic appearance of McLovin will never get women like Alessandra Ambrosio. He is inferior, and she is superior.

      As snobby as that may sound, it is just the reality. I am average, I can't afford to be snobby even if I wanted to lol.

  • I don't know about the rest of the world, but despite how good or bad I look I don't think any girl is out my league or a higher value than me or w/e. I "mate" with girls who are attractive to me inside and outside. It's the combination of both. A girl who's a 10 on the outside and a 5 on the inside is not more attractive than a girl who is 7 on the outside 8 on the inside. What I find attractive others may not. Who's "high value" and who isn't is inconsistent. For example Miranda Kerr is not attractive to me. I wouldn't do her if she asked me.

    • People who are famous do try to date others who are famous, but there could be good reasons for that such as both have money so one has less of a chance of trying to steal from the other since they are both rich anyway.

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    • Well to be fair neither one of them are attractive to me either. That said I could find a regular girl who looks better to me. There are plenty. The girls I post in my avis are usually regular girls and they are better looking than those two models. I don't know if the current girl in my avi is famous or not.

      Plus, I realize that if you are famous or have a high social status then more than likely you have money too. Nothing wrong with having money, but it's very very hard to stay away from the love of it especially if you have plenty of it. I'd rather have a girl who isn't making as much money as say those models.

    • I take that back Lima has nice eyes. The rest of her is ok. I guess a 7? idk. Not a 10 that's for sure.

  • I'm pretty sure I've seen a study done on this and the evidence suggests that the answer is TRUE. If I remember correctly, women were the ones who most often matched with men higher in value than themselves. It might have been from that TV special "The Science of Sex" or somewhere else. After watching that special, I did a lot of serious research (from studies not the field lol) on my own.

    • It's obvious, but people want to deny it because it makes them feel bad about themselves. I'm an average person, in the same boat as most people, so I'm not being snobby. I remember studies that shown people mate with people who share equal levels in intelligence. It's not far-fetched to assume it equally applies in other domains, especially obvious when you don't see supermodels dating 30 year old fat guys who live in their parents basements. Or the Channing Tatum's dating ugly fat girls.

  • Different people have different values. A woman can be rich, pretty, high on the social ladder (respected job, etc) and surrounded by rich lip-dicked men with no balls. It doesn't matter how good they look.
    Tell me that she's not going to be attracted to a man who's got more between his ears and between his legs, even if he's not so rich. The man who's got balls and brains often wins. I've seen it happen, where he's just got balls.

  • Well I can say for certain that what you posted is false year or two ago one of the princes who is one of the few who are close in line for the crown in England fell in love and married a waitress, I think she was now their married. While it does not happen often it does happen and when it does its pretty interesting.

  • Correct

  • Bullshit. Have you never seen an attractive person with a much less attractive person? If anything, money plays a more important role than looks.

    • Jay Z and Beyonce are a perfect example. LOL!!!

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    • Don't blame me, blame nature.

    • It's not a secret that people go after those that are most similar to themselves, but that doesn't say anything about value. People just feel more comfortable dating those who similar to them whether it be in education or ethnicity. People fear what they don't know. At the end of the day, we're all just human beings who eat, sleep, and shit with the purpose of reproducing. Strip away the makeup and stray on abs, and celebrities aren't much cooler than us common folk. No one's special or more "valuable."

  • How do you explain Prince William (future king of england) marrying Kate? She's a beautiful girl but has a totally humble background. There couldn't be a wider void...

    • He got himself a beautiful woman. Not a fat, asymmetrical face having woman.

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    • Again, she's attractive. A woman is valuable or not valuable purely based on her attractiveness.

      Brad Pitt can find a better looking woman than Angelina Jolie too, but it still doesn't mean she isn't attractive.

    • Asker. .. I really don't get where you're going with this. Yes, on balance people of equal attractiveness seem to end up together, however our individual qualities as people will always mean there are anomalies.

      As far as your comments about high worth obviously meaning anything and using words like mating... that just not normal!