How to deal with a narcissistic personality?

OK so I've been with this guy for a while and he literally thinks he can never make a mistake. Recently I've been trying to talk to him about how's he has been treating me in front of others but he just tunes me out and acts as if I never tried to talk to him. How can I approach him?


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  • You can never satisfy a narcissistic personality unless you make everything about them. That sounds awful but sadly its true

    • Well that sux, I really like this guy...

    • Actually serversyphon described it perfectly.
      I'm not saying it can't work, cause it totally can. But it won't if you're the kind of person that needs things to be focused on you once in a while. I've had my dealings with them. Not a pretty sight when you need some empathy

    • The best way to deal with them is adorn them and put yourself beneath them

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  • It's all about him, it will never be about you.
    I have a narcissistic personality disorder. I know what it is like. But you are not, and never will be #1. because that is where he is. You make him feel like he has worth and fuel his ego then he will appreciate you for making him feel good. When you are not making him feel good, he could care less about you.

    • well aren't we supposed to make each other feel good? i mean that is the point of everything. feel good. mutual good

    • when he makes you feel good, he is basically rewarding you for making him feel good. It can work out in your favor at times, but not always.

  • Ignore and avoid.


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  • Ok, first of all, you deserve to be with someone who treats you well, not this guy. No excuse for putting you down in front of others or behind closed doors. Second, whether you stick around or not, tell him how you feel about his behavior and then ignore him. Start taking video or audio of him so he can see what he's like.

  • Stay away if you are not willing to dedicate yourself and submit completely to him (which means DON'T). My cousin for sure is, and I personally suspect my grandmother are sociopaths... very narcissistic. Not the best people to surround yourself with, they will bring you down.