Girls!.. now I've got your attention. What do you look for in a man?

This is kind of a long winded question because I'm guessing the answers can be so vast. But I'm just curios what do you look for in a man personally who you would consider a relationship with. Not one night stands or anything like that. Thanks! :D


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  • For caring loving man who is always there for you <3 always keeping a smile on my face. Basically Triple F's. Funny, Fine and Freaky ^_^ . A man who loves to talk because I looooove talking lol and spending time with a guy and sharing beautiful moments together <3 I don't like busy men


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  • we usually look for guys who r sane.. logical caring.. who open up.. jus the weirest or craziest part of u.. wen guys trust us wid dat... wen sometyms u accept grls who r razy.. n smile understanding their madnes or jus tryin to do so... i dnt say jus be the perfect one.. bt tryin is ol that matters... frnz and den love...

  • Things in common, whether he is sensitive, patient or not. Whether he can make me feel happy and safe. ;-)

    • Hmm ok everything I had for my ex... Each to their own

    • And well, she wasn't meant for you. You deserve someone better.

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