They never seem to be attracted to me in the way that I am.

I have a hard time deciding whether to ask strictly women, or men for this question, so I will simply leave it open. Anyhow, I have never been a particularly mean individual or a particularly insensitive once but for some reason I have a really hard time connecting with women when I meet them... Whether I am a perfect gentleman, a complete asshole, or just being my regular self, they never seem to be attracted to me in the way that I am (at times) attracted to them. Any tips, or advice would be awesome, thank you before hand.


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  • If a woman's not attracted to you, there's no mystery: it means she's not attracted to you. The reasons don't matter, and women (as individuals and as a group) aren't worth understanding, because they're mostly insecure and don't understand themselves. Browse through their questions on this site for the proof.

    She doesn't like you? Move on. Try to find another girl. If she doesn't like you, move on again. Repeat. Don't take it personally; think of it like trying on one pair of shoes after another until you get a good fit.


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  • Yes I totally have tips. First of all they call if women's intuition for a reason. Maybe women are picking up on the fact that you might have some insecutities or that you're full of sh*t. Like the times when you aren't yourself maybe they can tell. You need to be you all the time. Because maybe the woman that you were an ass hole to didn't like you but would have had you decided to just be you. Stop playing these stupid childish games, grow up and start being yourself so you can find someone that likes you for you.

    • Women's intuition is bullsh!t. Show me one peer-reviewed scientific study of that proves women have some mysterious intuition.

    • Fact id we do pick up on stuff. cliches are cliches for a reason. Reguardless if you believe it or not if you're being a dick thinking a girl will like you and she doesn't then yeah. you should have just tried being yourself. You're an idiot.

    • We do. We might not listen to it all the time but we can pick up on stuff and sort of tell things about a guy. Just because science has never done a study on it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE lol It's probably not even unique to women it's called trusting your gut instinct.

  • People can tell when you are insecure and not being yourself, it's a turn off. I'm willing to bet that's what the issue is. You can't connect with someone if you are being someone else. Every girl is not going to like you but keep trying and you'll find a girl who is attracted to you.


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  • Well first off you can't be a dick to a girl one day and the next be a super nice guy, especially if they arlready know you, if they know you as a nice guy and your a dick to them, they will think your just in a bad mood or whatever. Dating women is so simple it's not even funny, this is not rocket science it's not that complicated your making it harder than it really is, your going through all this trouble of decided if you should be nice or a jerk, the answer is simple which are you naturally?

    If your mind is set on getting a girlfriend you will eventually, but if you have any doubt in your mind as in fearing rejection, not knowing what to say, and lacking all confidence you will never find a gf, dude your going to get rejected more than once it will make you better at getting women because your going to learn from your mistakes. So find the girl you like grow some balls and talk to her, there you go the big secret is revealed. The worst thing that can happen is she can say no, who the hell cares find another girl they're everywhere.

  • If your taking turns on what personality you want to be they may can sense that and feel your being fake. Just keep being yourself and don't stir away from being you and you'll find a women to connect with