Girl seeking guys opinion about a guy she's been texting that is now transferring an hour and a half away!

this is why I believe he is the worlds most irritating and confusing guy I've ever met... Well first he say this.."Yea I understand. And i feel the same way. I don't plan on dating unless I know she's the one" then this.."What if we both are able to wait for 3 years?" "Yea, like what if we never met anyone that we thought was "the one"" then ending with this "Then we could datee" so In my head that equals out to him saying... "I'm not going to date anyone unless I know there is like a 99% chance she is the one and I feel like I may not meet anyone in the next three years because I believe you could be that person"... Which I may be totally wrong here but that is exactly what it sounds like but then he go off to say " I don't think Either if us want to wait 3 years!!!" Which is like saying "I think you could be the one but I don't think I would want to actually wait 3 years for you..." What do I do... He always tells me that he likes me but then he says he doesn't want to let it get out of hand because he hates a long distance relationship. Should I just move on or is he just scared of Long distance. I honestly think he could be the one and he has said the same about me. He said that if he was to stay at the same college he knows we could date and last but thinks a long distance relationship would be to hard and we wouldn't work..


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  • Try something spontaneous, dress a bit better than usual, send him cues via body language and try to talk to him here and there. If he persistently gives you the cold shoulder, just acknowledge that there's a better guy out there that can love you better and so move on.

  • You should move on. He seems too scared to have the strength to maintain a long distance relationship!


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