A guy once told me that I come off as the girl who likes guys who are so non-chalant that they almost appear like they don't care?

What is that supposed to mean? He told me I come off as the type that likes their guys so chill that they are non-chalant to the point of not caring. This is someone I hardly know! I don't know what that means.


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  • I think he means you will probably like guys who treat you bad. When I think of a girl who likes that kind of guy I immediately think "doormat girl" (who will let someone walk all over them).

    Disregarding you / showing the non-chalance at the beginning, if a form of attraction, shows a desire to be in an abusive relationship. There are actually a lot of girls like that.

    • Whaaatt. That's crazy. I don't think I am like that at all. I met him online and we've been texting... that's all he's gathered from that.

    • I don't think you are like that either. That person who made that comment is just being whatever I guess.

    • haha probably true


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  • Maybe he was just generalizing, because most women seem to be hopelessly attracted to guys who don't care a damn about anything or anyone, and often ignore those guys who would be caring and sensitive towards their loved ones.

    • oh he followed up w/ that lol

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    • The just don't bother too much about what he said! Maybe he was just trying to pull your leg!

    • haha maybe

  • As if you're a mysandrist. You appear so aloof, that it looks like you're unapproachable


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  • He's just telling you his impression of you, it doesn't mean anything. Its nothing bad haha