Advice needed on a girl I like please?

So there's this girl I've liked for ages and we are good friends, she friendzoned me and i've seen her go out with a couple of men in the past few years. Ages ago she said she liked the "bad boy" image and does sometimes flirt with men like this. However im much more of a nice guy type and not interested in talking about how much I can drink or how many women I've fucked etc.
She is currently single and I think she may be warming up to the idea of perhaps taking me out of the friendzone and that im a keeper and these guys didn't really have her best interests at heart and werent good for her in the long run. she's 24 and im 27.

It's basically like i've been at the sidelines for the past 3 years, watching her relationships come and go but always being there for her in other ways and im inclined to believe she's starting to think "actually this guy is really serious about me". She referred to me as "her boy" to one of her housemates recently too.

Anyone had anything like this before cos im really confused, she knows I love her for the record.


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  • for all these years you've sat on the sideline pining after some girl who didn't want u when u could have been out dating women who appreciate u? that's sad u can do better


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  • You will always be a rebound or a friend she can rely on. If you don't want it that way, ask her for a date, assess how the date went well. Never assume there is something just because she introduced you as "her boy". I'd introduced my guy as "boyfriend" or "my man". "My boy" sounds like a boytoy to me.

    • well its not a friends with benefits thing, its strictly platonic, but also not helpful when she knows full well I love her and starts telling people "he's my boy". it just confused me. but thanks anyway yes it does seem like she gets much much closer to me when she's single then goes distant when in a relationship.

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  • You are her gay best friend, to all intents and purposes. She will use you as her emotional crutch. That's what being the friendzone is all about. You're acting like a fool.