She keeps asking about my mom?

This is a trend I've noticed, everytime I talk to her or have a conversation, she keeps asking about my mom like if she's doing alright and stuff.

She has not met my mom in person yet, but whats going on through her mind?

We have a romance going on.


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  • She wants to meet your mom. Like badly. When you're in a relationship or have a "romance" with someone, meeting the parents is such a big deal. From experience, my brothers only bought girls home that they were serious about. She probably wants to know if you take her that seriously.


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  • awwwe how cute! she wants to meet her mom in law

  • She probably want to know your mom through your answers to her questions so that when she meets her she already know what to do. Also girls like guys who are close to their mother because in my opinion how a guy treats his mother is how he will eventually treat his girl.


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