(guys) Is he crazy? In a hurry? Or what?

Hi :) so I started talking to this guy again that I had met a few years back , we saw each other again at my job.. Ever since we been texting nonstop, he even started calling me everyday its a daily thing. We flirt we laugh we talk a lot he has told me he likes me and I like him to as im getting to know him better.. But what freak me out big time is that he is including me in his future even in his daughters life:/ she is 7 by the way and the mom isn't around.. Anywho it just came to a shock to me but what was more shocking to me was that he has even mentioned us getting married and that he would like to make me his wife one day.. Eh I don't know what the rush is im pretty scared lol I've been having pure bad luck with love and I don't know this is just to good to be true and that just scared me off the marriage part. he's an amazing guy and we both want to give it a shot but I don't know if its the right thing for me to do. What you guys especially think of this? I would like the guys opinions tell me what you think.. Really appreciate thanks !


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  • these days marriages and saying i love you is like swallowing your salaiva every second, i would say think thousand times before taking this kind of decision, think about what can go wrong and also what can go right, then do what makes you feel right.


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  • it sounds like you're a bit nervous about that strong of a commitment. Maybe something in your past has triggered this sense in you. if that's the case you have to push past it. Try talking to him about maybe taking things a little slower. Just be honest with him. His reaction to your opinion will tell you everything you need to know.