Should I completely move on? guys do you mean what you say?

a man i was know/seeing told me his wife was ill and had to be a good husband now so i felt used and told him this which prompted him weeks later to tell me she was pregnant and we can't be in contact. 5 weeks later he calls me and tells me he lied about his wife being pregnant cos he didn't want to hurt me as i accused him of using me, he said he missed me and missed talking to me and if we can stay in touch as friends so he knows im doing ok and if i ever need his help. then last week he rang me and said his wife is actually pregnant now and that it wouldn't be fair if we were friends. then he asked how my love life was going (as he knows i slept with someone after he broke it off the first time) i told him i hadn't done anything with anyone since we were speaking again and he was like"oh really, nothing... oh right" and made a joke of "you haven't found mr right yet then", then he wished me all the best in life and if there was anything he could do for me before he goes. he said he hopes i find mr right one day because i deserve it. i asked how he was and he replied same shit different day... i know im stupid and you can judge all you want, but i need advice should i completely move on? i know his form his behaviour he didn't have any real feelings about me but i just need some advice. I've known im 4 years and dated him for 6 months, then he got married a year later


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  • I would move on if I were you. First of all if she was cheating on his wife with you why would you want to be with someone like that? What if he does it to you? Second if he's not open enough to tell you how he really feels or what was really going on and making up lies about his wife being pregnant/not pregnant etc ask yourself If you really want to surround yourself with someone like that; friend or not aren't friends supposed to be honest with each other? I know its hard if you really liked this guy but you should cut all ties with him. Especially if you feel you were used. That negatively and resentment is bound to come back up at some point in that relationship and odds are it won't be for the good. Go out with your friends and do things you enjoy. Do something you really like to do or something you've been putting off.

    • he said she was pregnant because he didn't know how else not to hurt me which is stupid i know! thanks for your advice, i agree, "That negatively and resentment is bound to come back up at some point in that relationship and odds are it won't be for the good", im confused by what you meant, do you mean the relationship between him and his wife or the situation i had with him?

    • the situation you had with him. Probably his wife too if she found out.


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  • Well, as far as I can see, it's highly (HIGHLY) unlikely that he will choose you over his pregnant wife. Do you want to be a backup call the rest of your life?

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Follow his good advice and move on. Find your Mr Right. And please stop shopping in the married section! ; )

  • you should move on.


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