Guys, have you ever been scared to text a girl?

I don't mean the very first time ever texting a girl. I mean like, say you know her and you've talked to her before. She's texted you first a few times. Would you still be afraid to send the first text?


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  • All the time. I am always worried that she going to think I'm annoying, especially if she has not responded to a text from me before. If she didn't respond to the last text I sent, then I feel really awkward about texting her first.

    • Also, I hate just saying like "hey, what's up" all the time, so I generally avoid texting if I don't actually have something to say/talk about

    • I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this


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  • Not all the time. It depends on a few factors which are interrelated: 1) If I like the girl I'm talking to, and 2) If I am under the impression that she's putting me on trial i. e. she can blow me off at any mistake I commit.

    That's one thing, now another is when I have to be direct with a girl if I find that she is infringing on my life. If she has an ability to affect my personal life significantly, then yes, I will be anxious. For example, I got drunk and accidentally slept with a chick from work who was obsessed with me, I had to yell on the phone after politely asking her to leave me alone about a dozen times. Imagine this: I had to see her at work every day, and she fucking stares at me. So I quit my job, and now I'm even more wary of the messages I send.

  • Nah. What's there to be afraid of? A text message is the least intimidating form of modern communication. Excluding email.

  • Yes an that's usually the case when some guys supposedly Accidentally text claiming it was meant for someone else they'll even really make the text seem like its meant for someone else just to initiate in a conversation. They'll act like it's meant for a another girl or a guy friend.


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