How to properly kiss a girl for the first time?

Never kissed a girl before, and is really needing some help!


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  • Don't chew gum or candy beforehand, it'll just make you salivate more. If you're concerned about your breath then brush your teeth or have a quick mint. Unless you want slobbery kisses I guess, haha.

    As for actually kissing, go slow at first and try to match each other's rhythm. Kissing really isn't too difficult but if you're on different pages it's not going to be as enjoyable. Don't be afraid to take little breaks or even just kiss other parts of her face like her cheeks or forehead... the worst kissing experience I had was with this guy who just wouldn't let up and he used way too much tongue, it was kind of fast-paced and exhausting and he was just kind of doing what he wanted even if I tried to pull back or keep my mouth closed.

    Just experiment a little and go with the flow, do what feels natural in the moment!


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  • People overthink their first kiss way too much! Just remember to brush your teeth that day and the key is to RELAX. I would say start out with a hug and then put your hands on her waist and just go in for the kiss. The more you think about it the less enjoyable it will be. Just don't open your mouth too much to where you're eating her face off. Just open it a little and well.. Kiss!

    • Thank you so much! I was really nervous but I'll see how it goes!

    • No problem! I wish you luck.

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  • stick your tongue down her throat while your hand is on her pussy.